Glass represents about 80% of the surface of a carpentry. That is why it is necessary to pay greater attention when choosing it. A good choice ensures a pleasant atmosphere inside the house, eliminating noise and reducing energy costs.


A good quality of ironwork guarantees optimal operation and security of the joinery, being an indispensable element in the production of a joinery. Our carpentry is equipped with WINKHAUS or Maco ironwork. We offer our clients a wide range, characterized by quality and design.


Secustik handle offers increased security. The patented lock mechanism for divided trade fraudulent manipulation of the outer window.
The handles comply with the standards of the Security Directive AhS RAL-RG 607/9


Windows and doors are not just decorative elements. Carefully chosen, they can help increase the comfort of your home. But their importance is highlighted by the sills, if them are well treated and maintained.


To provide extra comfort and privacy,
Redacom offers a diverse range of overlapping or applied rollers with both manual and overlapping actuation.


Nets against insects offer maximum protection against mosquitoes and other insects so insecticides are no longer required. They are being characterized by: very good reliability, the mesh being made of carbon fiber, and the frame made of aluminum profiles, easy maintenance, good visibility outside, permanent air exchange between inside and outside.


The mullions or ornaments between the glass give the square style and elegance being the best way by which you can give a very personal note.
We offer different types, sizes and shapes, from PVC or aluminum.
Redacom offers you the choice between mullions integrated inside the glass or attached on the glass.

Ventilation grills

The aerator device is an integral part of the ventilation system of a room. Being the starting point of the system, it brings clean air inside the house in a controlled manner. To avoid the problems of health, discomfort and sustainability of the home, good ventilation is essential. 

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